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Samira Nadkarni (Independent Scholar), "Chhattisgarh as India’s Frontier: Reading Masurkar’s Newton (2017) as Postcolonial Western"

Amit V. Masurkar’s 2017 film, Newton is simultaneously a satire and reconfirmation of the myths of democratic nationhood, exploring a postcolonial narrative of internal colonisation in the creation of national hegemony and law-making. The plot follows a young government clerk, Newton Kumar (Rajkummar Rao), whose attempts to honestly run a voting booth in the jungles of Chhattisgarh is hindered by the Indian army’s morally-ambiguous protocols, the constant threat of attack by Naxals (the soldiers of India’s Maoist-revolution), as well as his own rigid preconceptions of the democratic process and its best ...
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There could be ten seconds where everyone is connected and you feel really joined by the same thread and it’s really magical

Joint actions require an ability to understand and predict the actions of others far enough into the future to have time to plan and execute matching motor programs. Here I will review experiments in which we have tracked information flow from one brain to another to show that the motor system seems to play a key role in these functions. I will embed this experimental data in a Hebbian learning model, which posits that predictions are the result of synaptic plasticity during self­observation. Jointly this talk will aim to trigger thoughts on how we can ...
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