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Zoonosis, climate change and new disease in southern countries

Intervenant : Jakob Zinsstag-Klopfenstein, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute - Deputy head, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health The nearly equal number of animals, including wildlife, livestock and pets, are notably impacted by climate change. Here we present, complementary to the high relevance of awareness rising for protecting humans against climate change, an integrated consideration of the health of both humans and animals, called One Health, and show the advantages of the approach for mitigation of climate change effects on the health of humans and animals concurrently. We postulate ...
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Coccinelle: synergy between programming language research and the Linux kernel

The Linux kernel underlies all kinds of systems across the computing landscape, from embedded systems to supercomputers. Today, the number of developers contributing to a given Linux kernel version is almost 2000. These range from developers who have many years of experience and work on core parts of the kernel to new developers who contribute a single device driver or bug fix. This volume of contributors and range of experience levels implies that devising means to unambiguously communicate information about kernel properties across the ...
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