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le (16m50s)

Colloque "Elle fête ses 70 ans" - 7 Nuria Aragonès, “Le magazine ELLE Espagne et son rôle fondamental dans la propulsion de la mode espagnole dans le contexte des années 1980”

...Nuria Aragonès, “Le magazine ELLE Espagne et son rôle fondamental dans la propulsion de la mode espagnole dans le contexte des années 1980” ELLE Espagne paraît au moment de l’éclosion de la mode espagnole, le n°1 paraît en oct 1986Elle Espana met...
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le (1h6m39s)


Hawking predicted that black holes should radiate thermal radiation, the temperature being a function solely of the geometry near the horizon of the black hole. The same arguments show that one would also expect thermal radiation from other horizons, like the sonic horizon formed in a trans-sonic flow, or the horizon to fluid surface gravity waves formed by a blocking flow.This talk will discuss the phenomenon of black hole thermal emission, problems with its derivation, the ubiquity of such thermal emission by horizons, and the measurements ...
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le (35m28s)

Industrial and Environmental Policies: Reciprocal Impacts

Total as a key player of the Oil and Gas industry is providing answers to 25 environmental challenges. In that respect, it has already developed environmental objectives and policies. Its environmental footprints is being assessed, controlled and reduced with a set of concrete means to improve its performance, a better selection of major challenges and a better report to external stake holders. Energy and climate issues are inextricably interwoven, which means that we have to help to reconcile the objectives of today’s society, pursuing economic growth while protecting the climate for future generations. Faced with this predicament, we are ...
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le (12m5s)

The Costs of Strategic Adaptation in a Simple Conceptual of Climate Change

A simple theoretical model of the process of strategic adaptation to climate change is proposed. Climate change is represented by a non-stationary Markov process on the space of climate states, and strategic adaptation by a simple resource allocation task in which agents incur costs when moving resources from one activity to another. A stationary analysis allows diagnostics that quantify the net costs of climate change, and the long-run benefits to adaptation, to be defined. A full dynamic analysis of the model 74 allows for the computation of the costs of negotiating the transition between two stationary climate regimes. We analyze ...
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