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Point processes, cost and the growth of rank for locally compact groups (workshop ERC Nemo Processus ponctuels et graphes aléatoires unimodulaires)

The cost of a vertex transitive graph is the infimum of the expected degree of an invariant random wiring of the graph. Similarly, one can define the cost of a point process on a homogeneous space, as the infimum of the average degree of a factor wiring on its points. It turns out that the cost of a Poisson process is maximal among point processes of the same density, by proving that all free processes weakly contain the Poisson. The cost is related to the growth ...
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le (50m47s)

Strict monotonicity of percolation thresholds under covering maps (workshop ERC Nemo Processus ponctuels et graphes aléatoires unimodulaires)

Percolation is a model for propagation in porous media that as introduced in  1957 by Broadbent and Hammersley. An infinite graph G models the geometry of the situation and a parameter p embodies its porosity: percolation consists in keeping independently each edge with probability p, erasing it otherwise, and looking at the infinite connected components of the resulting graph. It turns out that there is a critical porosity: for smaller porosities, all components are finite almost surely, while for larger ones, there is almost surely at ...
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