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Estimation of TDOA in the spectral domain

Part 3 : Sound-Source Localization3.1. Time difference of arrival (TDOA)3.2. Estimation of TDOA by cross-correlation3.3. Estimation of TDOA in the spectral domain3.4. The geometry of two microphones3.5. Direction of arrival3.6. Using more than two microphones3.7. Embedding the microphones in a robot head3.8. Learning a sound propagation model3.9. Predicting direction of a sound with a robot head3.10. Example of sound direction estimation
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4.2. Why gene/protein sequences may be similar?

Before measuring the similaritybetween the sequences, it's interesting to answer the question: why gene or protein sequences may be similar? It is indeed veryinteresting because the answer is related to the theory ofevolution which is due, as you all know, to Darwin. What Darwinsays is that species evolve in time and there is a creation ofnew species for existing ones. So there is an evolutionof species over time. He was a very thinking man, huh. This evolution can be also seenon the genomic sequences. Let's see this very small and partialtree of life and hypothetical tree of life. Here you have thespecies and you have this phenomenon of speciation giving ...
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