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Dr Marianna Simoes - Primary data and Entomological collections: utility, best practices and challenges

Dr Marianna SIMOES Senckenberg German Entomological Institute (SDEI) / University of Hamburg - DEI'm an evolutionary biologist with research foci lying at the intersection of phylogenetics, spatial ecology and ecological biogeography, with a particular interest in probing macroevolutionary patterns and processes. Currently, I am researcher and curator of the Coleoptera collection at the Senckenberg German Entomological Institute (SDEI), with research largely collection-based,focused on the evolution of leaf beetles (Chrysomeloidea), a very large and diverse group of phytophagous beetles. With the majority of my projects being collection-based, I am highly interested in the field of biodiversity informatics, promoting and generating methods ...
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Prof. Elena Pierazzo - The edition of draft manuscripts: theories, (data) models and methods

Prof. Elena PIERAZZO Center for Advanced Renaissance Studies (CESR) / CNRS, University of Tours – FRElena Pierazzo is Professor of Digital Humanities at Centre d’Études Superieures de la Renaissance, University of Tours where she directs the masters in Digital Humanities. She has a PhD in Italian Philology: her specialisms are Italian Renaissance, digital edition of manuscripts, digital editing, and text encoding. Her most recent publication is Digital Scholarly Editing: Theories, Models and Methods (2015). She has been the Chair of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) and involved in the TEI user community, with a special interest in modern and medieval ...
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