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Prof. Ludger Jansen - FAIR DH data need ontologies standards

Prof. Ludger JANSEN University of Passau & University of Rostock - DELudger Jansen holds a PhD in Philosophy, and teaches at the Universities of Passau and Rostock. His area of expertise is Metaphysics, including its history in Ancient Philosophy and contemporary analytic and applied approaches in ontology. His has written books on Aristotle’s theory of dispositions (2nd ed. 2016), and on the ontology of groups and institutions (2017). Together with Barry Smith, he edited the first German-language introduction to Applied Ontology (2008). A complete list of publications can be found at
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Florian Hivert - ROSER - Répertoire de l’Ornement Sculpté des Édifices de la Renaissance: An interoperable scholarly digital edition for the ornamentation in Renaissance edifice

Florian HIVERTCenter for Advanced Renaissance Studies (CESR) / CNRS, University of Tours - FRStudent in the M.A program Intelligence des données de la culture du patrimoine at the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissances during the years 2018-2020 and soon to be graduated, I worked during my degree on ROSER, a digital scholarly edition in order to learn the main principles of a Digital Humanities project.ROSER initially started as a student project in 2018-19, led by Théo Roulet, Marie Petit and myself. This year, ROSER faced a deep restructuration on two specific aspects during my internship: (1) gateway with ARVIVA ...
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Caroline Parfait & Marlène Arruga - Development of digital platform about stained glass restoration data in France

Marlène ARRUGACenter for Advanced Renaissance Studies (CESR) / CNRS, University of Tours - FRMarlène Arruga and Caroline Parfait are 2nd year students in a M.A. in Digital Humanities at the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance in Tours, France. They are specialized in Data Intelligence in Culture and Heritage.Marlène has a degree in History and carried out research on the diffusion of writtenJapanese language in the French society from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century.Caroline PARFAITCenter for Advanced Renaissance Studies (CESR) / CNRS, University of Tours - FRCaroline has a master’s degree in visual arts gained at the ...
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Dr Stéphanie Satre - Epicherchell, an epigraphic dataset to share and publish

Dr Stéphanie SATRECentre Camille Jullian - FRStéphanie Satre is an engineer for the CNRS working on sources’ analysis and database conception. Member of the Centre Camille Jullian since 2010. She is co-responsible of the transverse axis: Research data, corpuses and databases and member of the Digital Humanities team. She is in charge of data curation (especially databases) and web dissemination. Her research activities focus on roman Sculpture.
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