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Dr Florent Laroche - French National Project ReSeed - Semantic reverse-engineering of digital heritage objects

Dr Florent LAROCHEÉcole Centrale of Nantes - FRFlorent Laroche is a "doctor-engineer" working as an assistant professor at Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) and as a researcher in the laboratory IRCCyN (Research Institute for Communication and Cybernetics of Nantes, France - UMR CNRS 6597). He works on the translation of knowledge of the past in contemporary knowledge, readable and understandable in the present socio-technical system. One objective of this research is to reuse the technical heritage as a basis for innovation. His research topics are KM, PLM, information system modeling, interoperability, enterprise modeling, virtual engineering, reverse engineering. So as to, ...
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Prof. Julian D. Richards - Making Archaeology FAIR: in the Archaeology Data Service and ARIADNE

Prof. Julian D. RichardsDepartment of Archaeology, University of York - UKJulian Richards is Professor of Archaeology at the University of York. He is Director of the Centre for Digital Heritage, and founding Director of the Archaeology Data Service, and the e-journal Internet Archaeology (both established in 1996). His direct involvement in archaeological computing began in 1980 when he started his PhD research studying pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon burial ritual using the computing power of an ICL mainframe and an early Z80 micro-computer. In 1985 he co-authored the first textbook in archaeological computing for Cambridge University Press, and has subsequently written numerous papers ...
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