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Randomised controlled trials, health agencies and consumer organisations

Randomised controlled trials, health agencies and consumer organisations: the case of Intrinsa and FlibanserinRandomized controlled trials (RCT) are now considered the ‘gold standard’ of clinical evidence (Timmermans, Berg, 2003), providing scientific and clinical proof, opening the door to the approval of new treatments by local health agencies, and legitimizing the use of a treatment. The studies of male circumcision for HIV prevention in several countries in Southern Africa constitute one of the clearest examples of such a use of RCTs by international public health agencies (WHO, UNAIDS), who here based the development of a public health recommendation on the publication ...
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Geographies of responsibility: Spatial and temporal domaining in virtual drug development

Global health’s new ‘geographies of responsibility’: Spatial and temporal domaining in virtual drug developmentThe organization, funding and implementation of global health research is undergoing transformative change. The effective development of new therapies against tropical diseases requires, we are told, new forms of collaboration between private and public actors. Pharmaceutical companies, academic research institutions and philanthropic organizations must join forces in drug development. Over the last decade, a plethora of public-private partnerships have emerged to tackle perceived ‘market failure’. Along with patent pools, online databases of proprietary assets, and ‘open laboratories’, these arrangements are changing the landscape of property relations across ...
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