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le (40m56s)

Jean Jacques De Felice, Avocat Militant Des Droits de l'homme

A l'occasion de la sortie du numéro de  la revue "Matériaux pour l'histoire de notre temps" (BDIC, 2015), les historiennes Sylvie Thénault et  Liora Israël, et l'archiviste, Bassirou Barry, développent quelques thématiques autours du parcours de l'avocat militant des droits de l'homme, décédé en 2008, Jean-Jacques de Félice, dont les archives, déposées à la BDIC, témoignent de ces combats : Avocat de militants du FLN (dont Ben Bella) durant la guerre d'Algérie, avocat d'une figure de la lutte anti-apartheid, comme Nelson Mandela, avocat de leaders indépendantistes kanaks, comme Jean-Marie Tjibaou, ou avocat de terroristes d'extrême-gauche des années 1970 (Brigades ...
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le (58m19s)

Deconstructing “joint improvisation”

What is “joint” and what is “improvisational” about joint improvisation? The “joint” aspect can be contrastedwith solo improvisation, such as that of a jazz pianist. Even when jazz pianists improvise in the context of anensemble, the arrangement of these improvisationsis often serial, rather than simultaneous: each instrumentalist improvises in turn while other members of theensemble play relatively fixed parts. This is in contrast to forms of improvisation in which two or moreperformers improvise simultaneously, either as separate entities (as occurs in contemporary dance) or as acollective unit (as in 2personimprov acting or contact improvisation). To understand all of these cases, ...
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le (52m15s)

Acting together without planning ahead?

Experiments on joint action have given us insights into the mechanisms that allow people to coordinate theiractions with each other, be it making music, dancing, or cooking a dish together. One key finding is thatpeople engage in predictions about their interaction partner’s actions. For example, when someone is aboutto hand over a candle to us, we anticipate the start and the timing of her action. A further key finding is thatpeople systematically modulatetheir actions in ways that make it easier for their interaction partners to predict them. For example, if youdon’t know whether I am about to go left or ...
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le (22m20s)

There could be ten seconds where everyone is connected and you feel really joined by the same thread and it’s really magical

Joint actions require an ability to understand and predict the actions of others far enough into the future to have time to plan and execute matching motor programs. Here I will review experiments in which we have tracked information flow from one brain to another to show that the motor system seems to play a key role in these functions. I will embed this experimental data in a Hebbian learning model, which posits that predictions are the result of synaptic plasticity during self­observation. Jointly this talk will aim to trigger thoughts on how we can ...
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