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" El teatro de Bergamín en Francia " / " Voces del exilio: las vueltas de Max Aub et José Bergamín " / " Tea rooms : questionnements autour du travail féminin dans le Madrid des années 30 " / Témoignage de Roselyne Chenu sur José Bergamín

... Bergamín, qui fut obligé à quitter l’Espagne pour deuxième fois après une campagne de propagande du Ministre d’Information et Tourisme, Fraga Iribarne. La correspondance entre les deux auteurs autour de ces événements et de la revue Los sesenta...
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SANSARI. The Goddess and the Corona in the Himalayas

At the end of March 2020, in a village in Nepal, affected like the rest of the country - and the world - by lockdown, news of the virus spreads. Some villagers decide to perform the Sansari ritual, goddess of epidemics, adapting it to the current circumstances. Relationship to politics, relationship to nature, the place of the stranger, respect for tradition and adaptation to change, human and divine responsibility, rumours and learned discourse... As elsewhere, they search for what to think and what to do, and cobble together uncertain answers. This is an opportunity to discover other reflections on the ...
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le (21m11s)

Migrants or Expelled? Beyond the 20th century migration modes

“Guests and Aliens”: Re-Configuring New Mobilities in the Eastern Mediterranean After 2011 - with a special focus on Syrian refugees sought to give an account of the issues raised in Social Sciences worldwide by the migrations and mobilities of populations, particularly Syrian, caused by the upheavals taking place in the South and East of the Mediterranean since 2011. Researchers coming from various disciplines of Social Sciences, who are working on migration issues in Europe, the USA, and the Middle-East, in a historical perspective and with an ethnographic approach, participated ...
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