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Semiotics of Music and Mediation

The seminars are organized by the Finnish Network University of Semiotics and International Semiotics Institute (ISI) at Imatra. The director of the Summer School, the Finnish Network University of Semiotics, and the ISI is Professor Eero Tarasti, and the summer school is funded by the European Social Fund and State Provincial Office of Southern Finland. You can visit the International Semiotics Institute website.
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Popular Music Studies and Semiotics

Franco FABBRI is both a musician and a musicologist. He is professor of Popular Music and Musicology at the Universities of Turin, Milan, and Genoa. He is currently the chairman of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM). His main interests are in the fields of genre theories and music typologies, the impact of media and technology across genres and musical cultures, and the history of popular music. You can visit Franco Fabbri personal website .
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Semiotics of Translation

Peeter TOROP is the head of the department of Semiotics at the Tartu University (Estonia), one of the most prestigious in the world and professor of semiotics. Graduated from the Tartu University as Russian philologist, he got his PhD at the University of Helsinki with a work on Total Translation. His research is devoted to the story of Russian Litterature and Culture, Semiotics of Culture and Translation. He is the co-editor of the famous scientific journal Sign Systems Studies, established by Juri Lotman in 1964 and the editor of Tartu Semiotics Library. You can visit ...
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How Semiotics unifies Human Knowledge

Dr. Solomon MARCUS is a member of the Mathematical Section of the Romanian Academy and Emeritus Professor of the University of Bucarest. His publications have been in the field of mathematical analysis, mathematical and computational linguistics, computer science, poetics, linguistics, semiotics, philosophy and history of science, education, relations between science, humanities, philosophy and religion. He has published 40 books, 400 research papers and several hundreds of papers on various cultural topics of general interest.
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