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Prof Régis Gougeon - Messages in a bottle: from oenolomics to the structural resolution of the transient chemistry of wine aging

Metabolomics applied to vine and wine sciences, has significantly developed over the last ten years. To that respect, high-resolution mass spectrometry has clearly shown unprecedented capability based on ultra-high resolving power and mass measurement accuracy. The introduction of the concept of oenolomics, exemplified by the metabologeography expression of cooperage oak wood in bottle-aged wines, further paved the way for breakthrough investigations of specific chemical fingerprints of wines, considered as transient molecular memories of vineyard-related environmental parameters and/or enological practices, which may have driven their original composition. We thus reported a ...
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le (40m20s)

Dr Viviana Martins - Potential of vineyard calcium sprays to improve grape berry and wine quality

Calcium (Ca) supplements have increasingly been used for improving fruit resistance to abiotic stress and shelf life, but little was known about the effects of Ca on grape berry quality. Following the demonstration that Ca sprays increased grape berry firmness and cell wall pectin content [1], we hypothesized that exogenous Ca also influenced grape berry polyphenolic composition, given the central role of Ca as secondary messenger. Targeted UPLC-MS analysis was performed in fruits collected from vines cv. “Vinhão” sprayed with 2% (w/v) CaCl2 throughout the fruiting season, in two consecutive vintages. Results ...
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le (35m58s)

Dr Paweł Siudem - Aronia melanocarpa Fruits as a Dietary Source of bioactive compounds: 1H‑NMR, HPLC-DAD, and Chemometric Studies

Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Elliott's (chokeberry) it is well known for the presence of anthocyanins. The fruits also  contain significant amounts of other bioactive compounds, such as chlorogenic acid and its isomer neochlorogenic acid. They exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antibacterial activities; thus, they can have a significant impact on the health-promoting properties of chokeberry. In our research, we have determined the changes in the content of chlorogenic acids (CGA) and anthocyanins during the development and ripening of fruits. Aronia fruit samples from two organic farms in Poland, were collected every two weeks ...
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le (41m6s)

Dr Elżbieta Sikora - Supercritical CO2 plant extracts as raw materials in modern cosmetic formulations

New products containing active substances from the plants are systematically appearing on the cosmetics market. Among others natural products, based on raw materials that meet the standards set for natural and organic cosmetics (COSMOS), are becoming more and more popular.The extracts obtained under supercritical CO2 conditions (SC-CO2) are an interesting alternative to plant extracts obtained by traditional methods. The parameters of the SC-CO2 process allow to obtain extracts of very high purity, free from contamination with conventional solvents. Additionally, relatively low temperatures and anaerobic atmosphere during the process, avoid oxidation and thermal decomposition of the bioactive components contained in ...
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