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Prehistory of the Southern Appalachian uplands of Tennessee / Jay Franklin

Prehistory of the Southern Appalachian uplands of Tennessee. Jay FRANKLIN. In "La construction des territoires montagnards : exploitation des ressources et mobilité des pratiques", 2e International Workshop on archaeology of european mountain landscape, organisé par les laboratoires GEODE, FRAMESPA, GEOLAB et Chrono-Environnement. Université Toulouse 2-Le Mirail, 8-11 octobre 2009. [seconde journée] Upland and highland regions are often characterized as marginal zones occupied by peoples more out of necessity than preference. This characterization has its origins not in the archaeological record but rather in folk assumptions that are largely untested. I discuss 13 years of archaeological investigations in the Southern Appalachian ...
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Notes from California’s Native Daughters / Audrey Goodman

Notes from California’s Native Daughters / Audrey Goodman, in symposium international "Regional Becomings in North America" organisé sous la responsabilité scientifique de Wendy Harding (Cultures Anglo-Saxonnes (CAS), Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, France) et Nancy Cook (University of Montana, USA), Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, 7-8 avril 2016. Session 5 : Regional Image-Making.This talk proposes that Rebecca Solnit's personal and literary investigations of northern California and Joan Didion's recollections of the culture of ranching in the Sacramento Valley exemplify an innovative mode of regional writing that contends with the affective legacies of California's pioneer individualism and its colonial history.  It considers ...
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