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Conférence de Elizabeth Catherie WRIGHT et Claude MASSU - Frank Lloyd Wright, son architecture, sa vie

Le regard croisé que nous offrent ici Claude Massu et la petite fille du grand architecte américain, permet une mise en lumière des rapports complexes, parfois contradictoires, entre la personnalité, la vie familiale et les apports artistiques et sociaux de Franck Lloyd Wright. Ils reviennent tous les deux sur une sélection d’oeuvres marquantes, construites ou non, de l’architecte:Franck Lloyd Wright Maison George M. MillardHighland Park, Illinois, États-Unis, 1906Maison Robie / Robie HouseChicago, Illinois, États-Unis, 1906 - 1909Taliesin EastSpring Green Wisconsin, États-Unis, 1925Broadacre City, concept utopique d'urbanisationannées 30Maison sur la Cascade / FallingwatersStewart Township, Pennsylvanie, États-unis1935 - 1939Taliesin WestScottsdale, Arizona, États-Unis, ...
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le (1h44m30s)

Chinese Spaces of Diffusion & Interaction in Africa

While political at the time of African independence, the channels of diffusion and interaction between the African countries and China have predominantly been apprehended over the past few years in economic and geostrategic terms. The notion of “soft power”, sometimes translated as “cultural diplomacy” in French, sums up these different aspects and encapsulates highly diverse facets, to the point of confusion. Added to the fact that its wide usage singularly weakens this concept, it also tends to mask the diversity of situations and players, the superpositions between spaces and actions, the imaginations engaged, and configurations according to country. Based on ...
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Produits chinois en Afrique : réseaux de diffusion et modes de consommation

This panel intends to offer a new perspective on the massive arrival of Chinese products effecting Africa for the past fifteen years. Available in markets in even the most remote villages of the continent, this wide range of manufactured goods embodies for many Africans a new relationship with China. Despite the primacy of China-made goods, this dimension of Sino-African trade still remains sidelined behind the strategic export of African raw materials. The low prices and poor quality of China-made goods often mean that they are ...
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