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The Amity International school network in Cameroon

1st PANEL :   Private actors producing and receiving Turkish soft power : relationships to the Turkish statePrésentation 1. Charly DELMAS TSAFACK (International relations institute of Cameroon),  “The Amity International school network in Cameroon”The emerging countries are likely to play a leading role in the world economy and governance in a more or less near future. Africa constitutes a new playing field of these countries. Forsaken formerly by globalization, the African continent from now on is courted as well by the traditional industrial powers as by the emergent powers. Turkey is not in rest. In 1998, the Turkish diplomats through their Ministry of ...
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How Climate Change Might Save the World

Séminaire général avec Ulrich BECK, dans le cadre du séminaire général de Michel Wieviorka et Hervé Le Bras. We are faced with questions too big to fail and too big to answer. Most discussions on climate change are blocked, they are caught by catastrophism circulating in the horizon of the problem: what is climate change bad for? From a sociological point of view, because climate change is a threat to humanity, we can and should turn the question upside down and ask: what is climate change good for? The amazing thing is, if you firmly believe that climate ...
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