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An OECD vision (James Philp, OECD)

Since the publication of the OECD book ‘The Bioeconomy to 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda’ in 2009, the global view of the bioeconomy has changed greatly. That book concentrated on biotechnologies and the bioeconomy “refers to the set of economic activities relating to the invention, development, production and use of biological products and processes”. In the years since, the OECD has worked on industrial biotechnology, synthetic (or engineering) biology and sustainability aspects of the bioeconomy, while the latter has come to mean a much wider range of activities. Nevertheless, sustainability remains a ...
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Example of a system : a space vessel (Christophe Lasseur, ESA)

To over simplify, Space is a very harsh, where  no resources exists (energy, food, oxygen..). Consequently Long term manned mission will require a very strict resources management, leading to high recycling from wastes to oxygen water and food. Today, no technology alone can allow to reach these high level of recycling and therefore an assembly of technology is mandatory leading to a so called life support system. For more than 30 years, The European Space Agency, together with a large European community study,  develop and manage the MELiSSA project. As any complex ...
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The levers of change towards the bioeconomy (Mickaël O'Donohue, INRAE)

Building the bioeconomy involves devising new technology solutions for the manufacture of a wide range of products and the production of services. In this regard, biotechnology is a technological cornerstone of the bioeconomy. Research infrastructure provide crucial support to researchers, supplying access to cutting edge research services and expertise. The IBISBA infrastructure supports research in the field of industrial biotechnology, bringing together a range of services linked to different knowledge domains and scientific disciplines. The aim of IBISBA is not only to simplify access to individual services, but also to offer ...
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