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Teachers’ Training, Learning and Professional Development in China: Based on NDTEP - Sun

National Database for Teacher Education Policy (NDTEP) is a heavy research project processed by the Center for Research Database in Teacher Education Policy, East China Normal University. NDTEP project is the first effort to build a nationwide research database on teacher education in China. So far there are 2 phases are finished. Phase 1, Teacher Professional Development Surveys, have been completed in 2008. Phase 2 is Teacher Education Institution Survey, which focus on ‘normal students’ (students prepared to be teachers)’ college experiences to see ...
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Craft Apprenticeship and the Formation of Person - Marchand

The communication proposes that craft apprenticeship serve as a model of education that both teaches technical skills and provides the grouding for personal formation. The research is grounded in my long anthropological fieldwork as an apprentice to minaret builders in yemen and to mud masons in Mali, ansd as a woodwork trainee in East London. The ethnoggraphic evidence sipports an expanded notion of knowledge that exceeds language and includes the body and skilled performance. ultimately, the paper promotes a more penetrating investigation into the nature of communicatin from the body.
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