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le (1h23m48s)

Approches multiéchelles du cerveau visuel : des échos synaptiques à la perception des formes et du mouvement (série : Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern)

Résumé en anglais seulement, mais la conférence est en français.The field of neuromorphic computation has grown from the idea that inspiration for future computational architectures can be gained from a better understanding of information processing in biological neural networks. Information coding in our brain is both digital, in terms of output spike timing, and analogue, produced by the slower, subthreshold changes in membrane voltage resulting from a continual barrage of synaptic inputs. These small and ever-changing voltage fluctuations in the neuronal membrane potential of the single ...
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le (54m24s)

Seismic tomography : A giiant inverse problem

In this talk I shall give an overview of the development of seismic tomography: constructing images of elastic properties in the Earth's interior from seismic observations at its surface. The use of ray-theoretical approximations allows us to image long-wavelength structure. To increase resolution, however, we cannot escape using the wave equation. Modeling the waveforms themselves is highly nonlinear, but the nonlinearity of the problem can be kept under control by using secondary observables such as delays of time- and frequency windowed waveforms. The resulting ...
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