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On the appearance of the discourse on the sublime in times of crisis

The most striking feature of the discourse on the sublime is its discontinuity. Long intervals lie between its first occurrence in late antiquity and several revivals in the seventeenth, eighteenth and twentieth centuries. It seems evident that the topic of the sublime surges in times of profound societal and intellectual crisis. My objective is to envision the most recent resurgence of an increased theoretical interest in the sublime in the light of this hypothesis of the discourse on the sublime as discourse of crisis. The particular focus of my contribution concerns the question how the concept of the sublime is ...
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The Sublime: a Conceptual Analysis

This paper sets out both a methodology for conceptual analysis and an account of the sublime in the British eighteenth century. It seeks to establish an account of the sublime in both historical and conceptual terms. The historical optic seeks to test whether it makes sense to consider concepts as historical forms, and takes the sublime as a test case. The second armature of the paper seeks to map the contours or shape of the concept through an analysis of its grammar and architecture. A preliminary discussion of what is meant by those terms is followed ...
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