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Séance d’introduction : « La traduction comme pratique plurielle et pensée trans-disciplinaire » avec Anne Madelain, Franziska Humphreys et Marc Aymes

... trajectoires transnationales d’économistes et démographes, dans cette courte période des années 1930 aux années 1950, marquée par l’effondrement, la recomposition et la division de leur espace de professionnalisation. Séance 8 : Traduction et circulation des idées dans le monde arabe9...
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Jenny Barrett (Edge Hill University), “(Not) John Wayne & (Not) the American West in Jauja (2014): Lisandro Alonso’s Slow Western"

Until Jauja (2014), Argentine director Lisandro had filmed only contemporary stories of isolated men in a long-take, observational style with non-professional actors, said to centre on ‘men who ride lonesome’ (Quandt, 2008). Jauja, set in 1880s Argentina, follows the story of Danish Captain Dinesen, a man who ‘rides lonesome’ when his daughter elopes into the wilderness. It features the star Viggo Mortensen, half-Danish and partly raised in Argentina, who contributed to the film’s narrative and music, and is filmed by Finnish cinematographer, Timo Salminen. Mortensen’s and Salminen’s input led to narrative and ...
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Seung-Hwan Shin (University of Pittsburgh), "North by West: The Manchurian Western and Minoritarian Cinema"

Reflecting on the Western’s development after WWII, André Bazin noted, “Its roots continue to spread under the Hollywood humus and…robust suckers spring up in the midst of the seductive but sterile hybrids” (“The Evolution of the Western”). This comment may feel puzzling to those familiar with his qualms over postwar Westerns that relied on extrinsic elements such as moral struggle, stylization, and eroticism to justify their existence. However, it becomes a powerful metaphor for the Western’s global dissemination. Its persistent germinations in far-flung lands confirm that unlike its decrepit trunk ...
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