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Understanding the Post-Failed Coup Turkey: From State of Emergency to Permanent State of Exception

Séminaire « Sociologie politique de la Turquie contemporaine »Turkey is currently ruled under a state of emergency declared soon after the failed coup attempt of 15 July 2016 and extended recently for another three months by late April. Throughout the nine months of the state of emergency that have provided Turkish state elites with sweeping new powers, the Turkish government has issued several  decrees having the force of law without any oversight by the national parliament. Drawing on these decrees,  nearly 150,000 people were fired, suspended or arrested, several left-wing and pro-Kurdish radio and television outlets were closed, dozens of ...
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The construct of 'resource system' as an analytic tool in understanding the work of teaching

Euclid's ingenious organization of mathematical material from different sources to form the Elements created a systematic text which served as a base for the study and teaching of mathematics for more than two millennia. To this day, the idea of creating a coherent system of resources following some concerted approach continues to inform the design of textbooks and curriculum schemes. However, when teachers are encouraged to draw on multiple sources to enrich their teaching, they face the challenge not only of comprehending, but often of reconciling, contrasting approaches, so as to create their own ...
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Leif Manger (University of Bergen) : Lost in translation, understanding the Nuba as a movement between epistemic territories, from difference into sameness, from contingency into continuity

...2nd Nuba Mountain Language Conference / 2ème Colloque sur les langues des monts Nouba du 28 au 30 août 2014 Intervention : Leif Manger (University of Bergen), "Lost in translation, understanding the Nuba as a movement between epistemic territories,...
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An embodied and situated perspective on speech and language- Labex EFL - Lecture 1: Changes and challenges in understanding speech variability: A review over half a century (Susanne Fuchs 2019)

...Over the last century, our understanding of variability in the speech signal has undergone a variety of changes. Once regarded as noise in the signal, it has now become a major topic of investigation revealing evidence for the underlying biological,...
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