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1.1. Introduction I - Cryptography

Welcome to this MOOC which is entitled: code-based cryptography. This MOOC is divided in five weeks. The first week, we will talk about error-correcting codes and cryptography, this is an introduction week.Then, we will introduce the McEliece cryptosystem, and the security proof for the McEliece cryptosystem. We will talk about generic attack, message attack, in other words. This course will be given by Nicolas Sendrier. Then, we'll give structural attacks or key attacks, and at the end, we will talk about othercryptographic constructions relying on coding theory. This last week will be given by Matthieu Finiasz.  Today is the first ...
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1.2. Introduction II - Coding Theory

In this session, we will give a brief introduction to Coding Theory. Claude Shannon's paper from 1948 entitled "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" gave birth to the disciplines of Information Theory and Coding Theory. The main goal of these disciplines is efficient transfer of reliable information. To be efficient, the transfer of information must not require a big amount of time and effort.  To be reliable, the transmitted and received data must resemble. However, during the transmission over a noisy channel, the information will be damaged. So, it has become necessary to develop ways of detecting when an error has ...
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