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 Features 2007 : The development of cues to feature contrasts in word-final consonants (Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel 2007)
 Features 2007 : Identifying the feature [+nasal] in syllable initial and syllable-final nasal consonants (Jacqueline Vaissière 2007)
 Features 2007 - Articulatory bases of the features [tense] and [spread glottis]: stroboscopic-cine MRI data on Korean stops and fricatives (Hyunsoon Kim 2007)
 Features 2007 : Finding the limits of feature economy (Scott Mackie 2007)
 Features 2007 : Different features have different origins: evidence from a database of synchronic patterns (Jeff Mielke 2007)
 Features 2007 : Segmental representations in early phonological acquisition: computational and experimental approaches (Sharon Peperkamp 2007)
 Features 2007 : Features are language-specific transforms of natural boundaries (Willy Serniclaes 2007)
 Features 2007 - Plosive place Features in perceptuo-motor substance (Louis-Jean Boë 2007)
 Features 2007 - Interaction of consonnant F0 in shanghai chinese (Yiya Chen 2007)
 Features 2007 : Middle High German [rs] > [rS] as height dissimilation (Tracy Alan Hall 2007)
 Features 2007 : Younger and older infants' learning of artificial grammars based on phonological features (Alejandrina Cristia 2007)
 Features 2007 : Parsing acoustic variability as a mechanism for feature abstraction (Jennifer Cole 2007)
 Features 2007 : Features in the Brain: Between Ear and Mouth (Alec Marantz 2007)
 Features 2007 : The Source of Universals: Features, Segments, And the nature of Phonological Primitives (Abby Cohn 2007)
 Features 2007 - Categorization and features (Diana Archangeli 2007)
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