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FOMIN Fedor v.

He received the Master (1992) and PhD (1997) degrees from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, St. Petersburg State University, supervised by Prof. Nikolay Petrov. He was an assistant professor at St. Petersburg State University (chair of Operations Research ) till 1999 and was a postdoc in Chile (CMM and Universidad de Chile), in Czech Republic (ITI and Charles University), and in Germany (University of Paderborn). Since 2002, He's a professor in Algorithms, at the Department of Informatics, University of Bergen.

His current research interests are mainly in Algorithms and Combinatorics: Parameterized Complexity, Algorithms, and Kernelization : Exact (exponential time) Algorithms, Graph Algorithms and, in particular, Algorithmic Graph Minors, Graph Coloring and different modifications, Graph widths parameters (treewidth, branchwidth, clique-width, etc.), Pursuit-evasion and Search problems.

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