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Stéphane Hallegatte is a researcher in environmental economics and climate sciences for Météo-France and the Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Développement (CIRED). He was contributing author of the working groups I and II of the IPCC fourth assessment report, participates in the French inter-ministerial working group on the assessment of climate change impacts, and has been consultant for the OECD and private companies. His research interests include the economic consequences of natural disasters, the assessment of economic impacts due to climate change, and the development and assessment of public or private strategies to adapt to climate change.

References :

· Hallegatte, S., 2007: Do current assessments underestimate future damages from climate change? World Economics, 8, 131-146,

· Hallegatte, S., 2008, Adaptation to climate change: do not count on climate scientists to do you work, Reg-Markets Center, Related Publication, 08-01,

· Hallegatte S., N. Patmore, O. Mestre, P. Dumas, J. Corfee Morlot, C. Herweijer, R. Muir Wood, 2008. Assessing Climate Change Impacts, Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Risk in Port Cities: A Case Study on Copenhagen, OECD Environment Working Paper No. 3 ENV/WKP(2008)2, available on

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