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PITT Bertram

PITT Bertram, Ann Arbor, USA
Bertram Pitt is a professor of medicine emeritus at the University Of Michigan School Of Medicine. Dr. Pitt obtained his MD degree from the University of Basel in Switzerland in 1959. He subsequently did a fellowship in cardiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and remained on the faculty there until 1977 when he left to direct the division of cardiology at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. He has been chairman or co-chairman of a number of clinical trials in cardiology including: SOLVD; ELITE I and II; Prevent; Rales and Ephesus. He is currently chairman of the steering committee of the NHLBI TOPCAT trial examining the effect of spironolactone in patients with HF and preserved LV systolic function; co-chairman of the Emphasis-HF trial examining the role of eplerenone in patients with NYHA Class II HF; chairman of Break-DHF; co-chairman of STOP-CKD; co-chairman of Exceed; co chairman of Escape-SHF and Escape-DH F; chairman of a study evaluating the role of an aldostereone synthase, inhibitor in patients with HF and is a member of the executive committee of the Accomplish trial. In addition, he serves as the chairman of the DSMB for the NHLBI HF-Action trial and has over 500 articles in peer reviewed journals.
Dr. Pitt has been a member of a numerous medical journal editorial boards. He has also been a member of a number of medical organizations and has served as an advisor to the clinical trials branch of the NHLBI and a member of the FDA cardio-renal advisory board. He has been awarded the James B. Herrick Award by the Council of Clinical Cardiology of the American Heart Association and has been elected to the Society of Scholars of the Johns Hopkins University.

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