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Serge Planton, is head of the climate research group of the “Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques”, the research service of Météo-France. Graduated from the “Polytechnique” school in Paris, he first worked at developing the representation of the physical processes in the French weather forecast model. In 1982, he joined the research service where he developed an activity in the modelling of convection and of surface processes (ocean, sea-ice, land) in climate models. Before taking the responsibility of the climate division in 1990, he was during five years head of a team involved in the study of ocean-air interaction from the local process scale, involving the participation to ocean field experiments, to the climate modelling scale. He recently focussed his personal research activity on the detection of climate change signals in the observations, particularly at the regional scale, and their attribution to natural or anthropogenic causes. During these last five years, he was a member of several national and international scientific committees including the scientific committee of the French program “Gestion et Impacts du Changement climatique” (aiming at supporting interdisciplinary researches in the field of the impact of climate change), the Scientific Steering Committee of PIRATA (an ocean observing system in the Tropical Atlantic based on moored buoys) and the Scientific Steering Group of the MedCLIVAR project (aiming at promoting climate research in the Mediterranean area). He was also recently a member of a section of the National Centre for Scientific Research in charge of evaluating the work of researchers and research units. He participated, sometimes as a coordinator, to several national research projects in the field of ocean-air interactions or climate modelling. He was part of European projects of the 5th and 6th framework program of European Union as LSPCR (Land Surface Processes and Climate Response), PRISM (PRogramme for Integrated earth System Modelling) and presently CIRCE (Climate Change and Impact ResearCh: the Mediterranean Environment). He contributed directly to the last IPCC assessment report as review editor of the chapter 9 of the Working Group I report entitled: “Understanding and Attributing Climate Change”.

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