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Juli Ponce Solé is currently associated Dean at the School of Law of the Barcelona University, in charge of institutional relationships. He is the Former Director of the Catalan School of Public Administration ( He researched at Harvard University and at Denver University from november 1997 to July 1998, under professors KAYDEN (Harvard University) and ZIEGLER´s (Denver University) supervision. He was at the Sturm School of Law of the Denver University in March 2008 as a visiting professor. He lectures at the International house ("The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union after the Treaty of Lisbon"), at 17th Annual Conference organized by the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute ("Urban Planning Law, Social Cohesion, and Sustainable Development. A European Perspective"), at the course for undergraduates "Urban Planning Law, Growth and Sustainable Development. An International Perspective", and at the Lawyering in Spanish Program of the Denver University ("Fight against Discrimination and Affirmative Actions in European Union Law: The Impacts on Spanish Law").

He was at the George State University (school of law) as a visiting professor in February 2009, lecturing at the Comparative Growth Management Course. He researched in the fields of Administrative Law and Land Use Law from a comparative perspective. His book Deber de buena Administración y derecho al procedimiento debido. Las bases constitucionales del procedimiento administrativo y del ejercicio de la discrecionalidad, 2001, Lex Nova, was awarded by the European Group of Public Law ( My research received the Prize as one of the three best European Doctoral thesis of 2001.

In September 2002, the European Group of Public Law chose him as one of its members. He has collaborated to organize (acting as coordinator) several post-doctoral courses in the Spanish prestigious Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, on Administrative Law, Local Government Law and Land Use Law.

Now is being developed a three-years research including American, French, Italian and Spanish professors on Land use Law and Social Cohesion, backed by the Spanish Government (

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