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Christoph Reinprecht is Professor of Sociology at the University of Vienna. Academic research interests include urban issues, with specific focus on the social dynamics in urban neighbourhoods, particularly with regard to the role of municipal housing in the context of demographic change (ageing and immigration) and welfare state transformation; sociology of migration and integration processes with particular regard to the living situation of first generation immigrants in Vienna and the socio-cultural diversification of urban milieus; issues of precariousness, and political sociology. Research activities are carried out on national and European levels, and in West Africa.

Recent academic articles discusst he re-feudalization of social inequality, the precarious ageing of elderly immigrants, and the transformation of social housing (e.g. Autriche: L’adieu à la classe ouvrière, 2010; Is social housing still social?, together with Claire Lévy-Vroelant, 2009; Housing the Poor in Paris and Vienna: The changing understanding of 'social', together with Claire Lévy-Vroelant, 2008, Learning from histories: changes and path dependency in the social housing sector in Austria, France and the Netherlands, together with Claire Lévy-Vroelant and Frank Wassenberg, 2008). He has also published several books, most recently about the first generation of migrant labourer in Vienna (Nach der Gastarbeit: Prekäres Altern in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft,Wien 2006) and a volume on quality of life (Lebensqualität in modernen Gesellschaften, hg. Gemeinsam with Hubert Christian Ehalt, Gilbert Norden, Hilde Weiss, Frankfurt/M: Peter 2011).

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