1 - Carbone : Ordre de grandeur, stocks et flux - Intervention

Durée : 00:12:27 -Réalisation : 15 juin 2023 -Mise en ligne : 18 septembre 2023
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Hugo Danjou

Titre vidéo : Carbone – Ordre de grandeur, stocks et flux

Thèmes : stocks, flux, carbone, environnement, agriculture

Bio : Hugo Danjou work for ACCLENA as a forest carbon manager. The aim of ACCLENA is to promote carbon capture in forest and agricultural environments. To achieve this goal, two missions: lead the carbon sequestration network in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and develop "Label Bas Carbone" projects. The Low Carbon Label is a tool of the French Ministry of Ecological Transition that allows organizations committed to an environmental approach to finance virtuous projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. In exchange for this funding, the organizations receive