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David J. Richardson. Enssat. (2010, 22 février). Recent advances in pulsed high power fiber lasers. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 29 novembre 2023)

Recent advances in pulsed high power fiber lasers

Réalisation : 22 février 2010 - Mise en ligne : 22 février 2010
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Over recent years the powers that can be achieved from fiber lasers have grown rapidly due to parallel advances in high power diodes, diode-to-fiber coupling schemes and doped fiber design and fabrication. Whilst the headline results have generally related to the possibilities of scaling continuous-wave fiber lasers, with 10kW now possible from an effectively single-mode core, advances in many aspects of pulsed laser performance have been just as spectacular. Using the fiber MOPA approach it is now possible to realise fs and ps pulsed fiber systems operating at the multi-100W level with pulse energies that are rapidly approaching the 1 mJ level. In the nanosecond regime multi-100W systems have also been achieved with single mode pulse energies of several mJ, and by relaxing the mode quality higher pulse energies are now possible. Within this talk I shall review the state-of-the-art in the pulsed fiber laser systems, describe some of the issues limiting further power and energy scaling and review the use of pulse shaping technology to achieve improved performance. I shall also describe various applications now being targeted and speculate as to likely future developments.

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