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How anger makes people show their true colors (Quand la colère fait tomber les masques) (English subtitles)

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How anger makes people show their true colors (Quand la colère fait tomber les masques) (English subtitles)

How anger makes people show their true colors is a filmed educational case. This medium-length film comes along with an educational note, available (in french) on the associated interactive educational space: Quand la colère fait tomber les masques. Prize of the best experiment filmed to the Festival of the educational university movie.

Sonia Ricard was recruited as product manager for a multinational company for alimentation, which used to be a family business and has kept its paternalist culture. But then the group estimates its profitability is too low, renews the management team and launches a restructuration. The new marketing executive freezes Sonia off with his “smiling mask”, but the new CEO plays on proximity and wins her trust. However, a few months later, the head of human resources announces to Sonia, she will be dismissed, without the caution she would have expected. She feels betrayed by her superiors, anger takes her, and she takes advantage of a delay to get involved in a trade union. This move generates a misunderstanding, and anger in return, for her managers. Then will follow three years of an epic fight. The pedagogic case study movie, thus beholds the experimental feedback of a person, wounded in her need for love, in the sense of Maslow. It focuses on the moment of this wound, precisely the denial of talk, felt like a personal injustice, when a great consequences decision is announced (organizational behavior theories call it the Churchill effect). The case sketches the consequences of this, on personal and collective grounds. It suggests ideas for a solution.

    Label UNT : AUNEGE
    Date de réalisation : 25 Janvier 2012
    Durée du programme : 35 min
    Classification Dewey : Relations entre employeur et employés
    Catégorie : Documentaires
    Niveau : Formation continue, 2ieme cycle
    Disciplines : Relations professionnelles
    Collections : Autres
    ficheLom : Voir la fiche LOM
    Auteur(s) : PELLISSIER-TANON Arnaud, JACQUINOT Philippe
    producteur : AUNEGE , Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
    Réalisateur(s) : Grosperrin Thomas
    Langue : ANGL, Anglais, Français, FRA
    Mots-clés : fiction, Human resources management, Ethics in company, Filmed case study
    Conditions d’utilisation / Copyright : Creative Commons (BY NC)


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