[COLLOQUE] GENTREE Final Conference 27-31 January 2020 séance 22

Réalisation : 27 janvier 2020 Mise en ligne : 27 janvier 2020
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GENTREE Final Conference :

Erik KJAER - University of Copenhagen · Denmark

GENTREE Final Conference 'Genetics to the rescue - managing forests sustainably in a changing environment'

27-31 January 2020, Avignon, France

Erik KJAER - University of Copenhagen · Denmark : Breeding ofEuropean ash (Fraxinus excelsior) in the face of ash dieback

The emerging pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus has caused severemortality and health decline of common ash (Fraxinus excelsior)across Europe.

However, genetic variation in susceptibility to thedisease has been observed in several countries.

In Denmark, theobservation in 2010 lead to initiation of breeding activities withthe objective to restore the health of ash trees based on naturalgenetic variation.

The work has involved screening of ash stands andselection of healthy trees, selection in existing seed orchards,establishment of new seed orchards, controlled crosses of toleranttrees and establishment of progeny trials.

The work has also includedvarious supportive research to understand the host-pathogeninteraction.

Based on findings from this work, we discuss from ageneral perspective how and if breeding activities based onevolutionary approaches can improve the ability to handle emerginginfectious diseases.

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