CC&W2018 - Opening session

Réalisation : 5 février 2018 Mise en ligne : 5 février 2018
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Welcometo the Climate Change & Water Conference 2018!

Thisinternational conference, with participants coming from 46 countries and morethan 100 communications, wants to stimulate exchanges and new developments thatwill enrich our view of local responses to the impacts of climatechange on water, including biological, technical and societal adaptations.

The objectiveis to gain insight on how threats to the water resource canbe tackled by illustrating the different impacts of climate change on the watercycle from region to region, from the ecosystem to the biogeographicscale, and taking into account the functional, institutional andsocio-political dimensions.

Followingour expectations, this conference, open to academics and non-academics,proposes communications from researchers, water managers and waterprofessionals.

Enjoythis opportunity of interdisciplinary and inter-professional exchanges!

Isabelle La Jeunesse & Sylvain Pincebourde (for the organizing comittee)

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