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Le Laboratoire d’excellence “Fondements Empiriques de la Linguistique” (EFL) est un projet original et ambitieux, qui repose sur le travail collaboratif d’un consortium d’équipes de linguistique théorique et appliquée.  Son but : ouvrir de nouvelle perspectives par une approche intégrative en favorisant le partage des données, des méthodes et des points de vue théoriques entre diverses branches de la linguistique

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Liste des programmes

The third seminar will deal with the processing of prosodic information in preschool children and the integration of prosodic information into sentence comprehension at the interface of semantics and pragmatics. I will question research that seems to suggest that children loose their sensitivity to prosodic information during the preschool age ...
Constructed languages, examined from the perspective of someone who is primarily a recontructor and with special emphasis on a pair of English-based examples that have interesting diachronic and epistemological properties.
Wordplay as an unexpected avenue into fundamental linguistic issues, with an interactive workshop on exercises in English and French designed to demonstrate what happens when language is pushed to its limits.
General problems in the analysis and reconstruction of (mostly older Indo-European) pronouns and other ubiquitous “light” words with minimal phonological form and non-obvious internal morphology; followed by issues with the morphologically and semantically “heavy” category of pluperfect in Ancient Greek and elsewhere, as well as in reconstructed Proto-Indo- European.
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