Bergerot, Laurent (19..-....)

Date de naissance
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Ingénieur d'étude CNRS en réalité virtuelle et membre de l'unité mixte de recherche MAP 3495 (2016)

After studying computer engineering at the University of Burgundy, Laurent Bergerot has specialized in virtual reality at the "Institut Image ENSAM of Chalon-sur-Saône". he was recruited by the CNRS in 2004 as an Engineer for the UMR 5022 CNRS/University of Burgundy LEAD, a Cognitive Psychology Laboratory in dijon. In 2013, he joined the UMR 3495 CNRS/MCC MAP laboratory in Marseille as a 3D web engineer in order to manage 2D and 3D data and metadata for web platforms. He collaborated at the organization of the International Congress Digital Heritage 2013 and the Europeana 3D Icons Project. Currently he's working on the Memoria project which purpose is to manage and memorize activities related to a cultural project leaded by Iwona Dudek. He is also involved in other scientific partnerships and actions (Aioli/Consortium3D CNRS) about definition and management of 3D contents.

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