Béatrix Mora (Union sociale pour l'habitat)

Mora, Béatrix

Langues d'expression
En poste à la Fédération Nationale des Sociétés Anonymes et Fondations d'Hlm

Béatrix Mora has been working as an expert on local and social housing policies, housing allocation policies and social integration policies within the HLM (Council flats/public housing apartments) movement since 1990. She has acted as consultant for a subsidiary of the Union of HLM as well as deputy director of the Federation of Social Housing Enterprises. She is currently the deputy director for professional action at the Social Union for Housing, a confederation of various types of HLM organisations.
She is more particularly in charge of HLM neighbourhoods in their various dimensions and addresses issues related to urban regeneration, social development, safety and local urban management. As such, she represents the Union within the national organisations established by the public authorities in order to deal with depressed neighbourhoods. She also leads the implementation of actions dealing with the classification of HLM organisations and with the urban and social management of HLM neighbourhoods. She also conducts evaluation of public policies in these fields.