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#1 Deciphering tree response to a changing climate

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#1 Deciphering tree response to a changing climate

 Round of FORESTIA web seminars


Deciphering tree response to a changing climate

Where are we? where do we go? a case study: southern beeches of Patagonia


María Verónica Arana (IFAB INTA-CONICET)

JUNE 4 at 15h (CET/Paris time)


As a result of climate change, several forest biomes are facing increasing temperatures, extreme cold waves in winter and/or more frequent and severe droughts. In this context, a fundamental question is how trees will cope with these changes, given their long generational time that yield low population turnover. In this talk I will show recent research that includes collaboration in the frame of the LIA FORESTIA laboratory, aimed at contributing to this question. We will see the way in which we use a natural elevation gradient in combination with indoor experiments, to elucidate the response of trees to the environment. Additionally, I will show current projects aimed at exploring phenotypic, genetic (molecular) and environmental variation of relevant plant traits. Our experimental system is located in the southernmost woody ecosystem of the world: the sub-Antarctic temperate Nothofagus forests of Patagonia, and involves multidisciplinary approaches that bring together the expertise of specialists in wood science, ecology, physiology, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Moderator: Philippe Rozenberg (BIOFORA, INRAE, France)



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