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Michael Heller est poète et professeur émérite de New York University (USA). Spécialiste de l’objectivisme, il a publié une vingtaine d’ouvrages de critique et de poésie ainsi que Living Root: A Memoir (2000). Son dernier volume publié rassemble l’essentiel de ses œuvres poétiques : This Constellation Is A Name: Collected Poems 1965-2010 (2012).
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[Source: Wikipedia] Michael Heller (born May 11, 1937), is an American poet, essayist and critic. Among his many books are Exigent FuturesIn The Builded PlaceWordflow and Living Root: A Memoir. He wrote the libretto for the opera, Benjamin, based on the life of Walter Benjamin. He is recipient of awards including the NEH Poet/Scholar grant, New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (NYFA), National Endowment for the Humanities award, and The Fund for Poetry. 
Michael Heller is recognized as a leading expert on Objectivist poets, poetry, and poetics. The impetus for his continued interest in this particular group of poets began with Heller's discovery of the poetry of George Oppen (and with whom he began a correspondence in the 1960s). Today he is acknowledged by some readers and critics as a Jewish Objectivist poet in the tradition of Oppen, Charles Reznikoff, Carl Rakosi, and Louis Zukofsky. His critical book on the Objectivist poets, Conviction’s Net of Branches, received the Di Castagnola Prize from the Poetry Society of America.

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