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Interview with Shinsuke Nagaoka

Shinsuke Nagaoka is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University, Japan. He has studied Islamic economics & finance from the interdisciplinary aspects; economics, history and fiqh al-mu‘amalat (Islamic jurisprudence). He is a key member of the research project "Global Islamic Market: Asian Perspectives on the Diversity of Capitalism" coordinated by FFJ and funded by PSL IRIS études globales. Shinsuke Nagaoka (Université de Kyoto) was welcomed at EHESS in the framework of its Visiting Scholar Program (on invitation of the Institut d’études de l’Islam et des sociétés du monde musulman, IISMM) from March to April 2019.More information:https://www.ehess.fr/en/node/15399http://iismm.ehess.fr/index.php?1827http://ffj.ehess.fr/islamic_market.htmlhttp://nagaoka.world.coocan.jp/

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