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IGeSA - Institut de Gestion Sociale des Armées, Porquerolles, France
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Richard FILLON (Réalisation), Jirasri DESLIS (Réalisation), FMSH-ESCoM (Production), Vincenzo Amato (Intervention)
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DOI : 10.60527/g6qh-8037
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Vincenzo Amato. FMSH. (2008, 6 novembre). Holocene Climatic Changes and Their Effect on Morphodynamics and Sedimentation in Campania , in New Methodologies and Interdisciplinary Approaches in Global Change Research. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 14 juin 2024)

Holocene Climatic Changes and Their Effect on Morphodynamics and Sedimentation in Campania

Réalisation : 6 novembre 2008 - Mise en ligne : 21 janvier 2009
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High-resolution paleoclimatic studies (e.g. 18O, 13C, CH4, MS, ect) provide 38 detailed reconstructions of the Holocene climatic variability, but they don’t are unable to provide direct informations about the effects of the climatic changes on landscape and human ecosystems. In order to assess the response of the subaerial geomorphologic/pedo-sedimentary systems to the climatic changes and their potential impact on the ancient human communities, detailed stratigraphical investigations in Campania (southern Italy) have been carried out. In addition to indications provided by litho-pedostratigraphical and geomorphological investigations, the study has recurred to historical, archaeological, and palaeobiological data. Some of the main global cyclical climatic changes, centred at c. 5.5-5.0; 4.0-3.7; 3.0-2.5; 1.5-1.0 ka BP, appear to coincide with significant changes of the morphodynamical processes recognised in the investigated successions. More precisely the climatic variability affected the subaerial environments principally by arresting or enhancing specific pedogenetic, erosional and/or sedimentary processes in different environmental contexts of the Campania.


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