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5.6. The diversity of bioinformatics algorithms

In this course, we have seen a very little set of bioinformatic algorithms. There exist numerous various algorithms in bioinformatics which deal with a large span of classes of problems. For example, read assembly. We have seen how NGS sequencers produce large sets of reads, small sequences which overlap. And the problem of assembly isto use the overlap in order to ordering this read and reconstructing the whole genomic sequence. This is the overlapping and you see that you can use this overlap to get a longer sequence. Of course, here the example issimple: you have to imagine a set of millions of reads to beassembled into genomic sequences of millions or ...
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2.8. DNA sequencing

During the last session, I explained several times how it was important to increase the efficiency of sequences processing algorithm because sequences arevery long and there are large volumes of sequences, so it's now the time to ask: but where these sequences come from? This is the process of sequencing. DNA sequencing is a physical operation through which a DNA molecule is read, that is every nucleotide along the strand of the molecule is read and then a text is producedas a succession of the nucleotides as letters. So from the DNA molecule tothe text through what is a sequencer. Sequencers are smaller and smaller and smaller and they ...
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