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Michael O'Donohue (Intervention)
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Michael O'Donohue. Agreenium. (2021, 20 avril). The levers of change towards the bioeconomy (Mickaël O'Donohue, INRAE) , in Séminaires 2021. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 24 février 2024)

The levers of change towards the bioeconomy (Mickaël O'Donohue, INRAE)

Réalisation : 20 avril 2021 - Mise en ligne : 20 avril 2021
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Building the bioeconomy involves devising new technology solutions for the manufacture of a wide range of products and theproduction of services. In this regard, biotechnology is a technological cornerstone of the bioeconomy.

Research infrastructure provide crucial support to researchers, supplying access to cutting edge research services and expertise.The IBISBA infrastructure supports research in the field of industrial biotechnology, bringing together a range of services linked to different knowledge domains and scientific disciplines. The aim of IBISBA is not only to simplifyaccess to individual services, but also to offer the researcher a catalogue ofinteroperable services that can be used to support whole project life cycles.

In September 2018 IBISBA entered onto the ESFRI roadmap as a research infrastructure project. Presently IBISBA is in preparation phase and the next steps include definition of its business model and the creation of a pan-European legal entity.


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