Doris Mücke - Speech dynamics: Applying speech dynamics to impaired speech and aging

Réalisation : 17 mai 2023 - Mise en ligne : 17 mai 2023
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Especially for impaired speech, the concept of articulatory undershoot and overshoot is important allowing for different degrees of temporal and spatial modulations. However, it can be difficult to determine whether the speech output is the direct result of a perturbated speech system or learnt compensatory strategies in speakers with chronic motor speech impairments due to neurological conditions (Mücke et al. 2014; Thies et al 2021).

The discrepancies between the empirical-based movement contours and modelled predictions exemplify the vast challenges when trying to map phonetic contours to phonological forms. I will compare the effects of healthy aging and Parkinson’s disease on speech motor performance. In addition, I will conclude that the speech system seems  to be affected by age and disease but speakers develop compensatory strategies.


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