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Example of a system : a space vessel (Christophe Lasseur, ESA)

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Example of a system : a space vessel (Christophe Lasseur, ESA)

To over simplify, Space is a very harsh, where  no resources exists (energy, food, oxygen..). Consequently Long term manned mission will require a very strict resources management, leading to high recycling from wastes to oxygen water and food. Today, no technology alone can allow to reach these high level of recycling and therefore an assembly of technology is mandatory leading to a so called life support system. For more than 30 years, The European Space Agency, together with a large European community study,  develop and manage the MELiSSA project. As any complex system, the MELiSSA project follow a system engineering approach from low o high TRL (Technology readiness Level). This presentation summarises, the challenges and present the logic of development.



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