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The levers of change towards the bioeconomy (Thomas Vogelpohl, FernUniversität in Hagen)

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The levers of change towards the bioeconomy (Thomas Vogelpohl, FernUniversität in Hagen)

Even though the concept of the bioeconomy has risen to great popularity lately, it is still highly contentious what the bioeconomy actually is or should be. European bioeconomy policy is very reflective of this. Despite two dedicated bioeconomy strategies, it appears to be highly fragmented and heterogeneous when it comes to concrete political processes and measures. Rather, the overarching pattern of European bioeconomy policy is shaped by the interplay of specific problem structures, institutional frameworks and actor constellations in its policy sub-areas. The fragmented institutional and regulatory landscape particularly hinders the establishment of a consistent bioeconomy policy in Europe, as does the wickedness of its underlying problems and the ambiguity and inconsistency of its overarching goals. As a result, European bioeconomy policy to date rather serves as a conceptual umbrella for a number of already existing policies and actors’ interests.



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