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Distam. (2023, 16 mars). Mapping the Senses: Ethnography and Digital Tools. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 21 juillet 2024)

Mapping the Senses: Ethnography and Digital Tools

Réalisation : 16 mars 2023 - Mise en ligne : 18 juin 2024
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EthnoAlly is a mobile application that enables researchers to create and organize multimodal field
notes for ethnographic studies. The mobile app produces GNSS-tagged multimodal material which is
then archived, organized and analyzed on a cloud application server. Ethnoally functions as a
personal assistant for ethnographers in their exploration of people and places, as well as a
participatory tool that researchers can use with their interlocutors, both in person and remotely —
for example, in the form of multimodal diaries. The mobile app can be downloaded to research
participant’s device allowing them to generate images, text notes, sound files and geolocative and
temporal metadata, functioning as an extension of the ethnographer.

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