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Richard FILLON (Réalisation), Jirasri DESLIS (Réalisation), FMSH-ESCoM (Production), André Chanzy (Intervention)
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André Chanzy. FMSH. (2008, 9 novembre). IPCC Working Group II , in New Methodologies and Interdisciplinary Approaches in Global Change Research. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 15 juillet 2024)

IPCC Working Group II

Réalisation : 9 novembre 2008 - Mise en ligne : 21 janvier 2009
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The European Science Foundation (ESF) and the French Foundation of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH) (within the Entre-Sciences programme) have agreed to jointly develop a new conference series in environmental sciences; an effort to actively foster exchanges between scientists working in the humanities and social sciences and their colleagues in the life and natural sciences. This interdisciplinary conference present the new advances in the modelling of the Global Change that combines Geosciences and Economics, with a perspective view from history - given the novelty of their interrelations – and from political science – given the impact of the model outputs in the public sphere. The conference gather together speakers and attendees from Europe, United States and Asia. The conference focuses on new advances in the construction of models of the global change, in Earth sciences and in Economics. Given the issues at stake with Global Warning in terms of impacts and risks, these multidisciplinary approaches are necessarily placed in a public policy perspective, a case apparently unique in the history of science. Chaired by Joël Guiot, climatologist at the European Centre for the Research and Teaching of the Geosciences of the Environment (CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence) and Sylvie Thoron, economist at the Aix-Marseille Research Group in Quantitative Economy (GREQAM, Marseille), the conference aims at generating intense discussions between scientists coming from various disciplinary horizons, by emphasizing the need for integrative approaches when thinking of our future in terms of sustainable development.

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