Roundtable Restoring dialogue and deliberation in contemporary society

Réalisation : 17 mars 2022 Mise en ligne : 19 avril 2022
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Roundtable organized by the FMSH, Reset Dialogues on civilizations and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Delegation in France as part of the one-day conference The Fragility of Democracy: Rescuing Dialogue and Deliberation.

The public sphere has suffered from ever increasing sectarianism combined with a lack of initiative -- by lawmakers, media and technology firms -- to curtail the dissemination of misinformation and violent language. Voters feel increasingly alienated from decision-makers, opening the field to firebrand rhetoric and policies and further limiting the space for democratic deliberation. Steps are being taken to regain some lost ground. Are such efforts too little, too late? As sectarian echo-chambers become ever more cavernous, how can discourse be brought back to reason?

Drawing on perspectives from political science, the media, civil society, and those who themselves have occupied policy-making roles, this roundtable will tackle the issues currently facing those in power and shed some light on possible solutions for bridging the current discursive chasm that is plaguing democracy.

With Alberto Alemanno (HEC / The Good Lobby), Craig Calhoun (Arizona State University), Annabelle Lever(SciencesPo), Christophe Deloire (Reporters Sans Frontières), Sylvie Goulard (Banque de France*), Jonathan Laurence (Boston College / Reset Dialogues US)

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